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Code organization

Code organization

The Nipoppy codebase is divided into data processing workflows and data availability trackers.


  • MRI data organization (dicom_org and bids_conv)
    • Custom script to organize raw DICOMs (i.e. scanner output) into a flat participant-level directory.
    • Convert DICOMs into BIDS using Heudiconv
  • MRI data processing (proc_pipe)
    • Runs a set of containerized MRI image processing pipelines
  • Tabular data (tabular)
    • Custom scripts to organize raw tabular data (e.g. clinial assessments)
    • Custom scripts to normalize and standardize data and metadata for downstream harmonization (see NeuroBagel)


  • Track available raw, standardized, and processed data
  • Generate bagels for Neurobagel graph and dashboard.

Legend - Red: dataset-specific code and configuration files - Yellow: Neurobagel interface